VITHÈQUE – Vidéographe’s online collection

The trace of a Quebec artistic heritage - A treasure to share

With more than 2,300 works spanning 50 years of videomaking in Quebec, Vithèque is the most important online video platform in the province, hosting one of the most important collections in Canada. Often the sole keeper of these works, Vidéographe ensures their conservation and renders them accessible to some 2,200 subscribers via Vithèque. 


This resource is invaluable to moving image practitioners and curators and, because it is available to public institutions such as libraries, cégeps and universities, specialists, students and the general public can easily access works and gain greater appreciation of the cultural heritage of Quebec and Canada.

“In 1972, Vidéographe was revolutionary. We were shooting in black and white and the picture was really poor, but we didn't care; we created with great freedom and we managed to produce content, to make it visible and to share it."

 - Bruno Carrières, active member

This constantly evolving site has been entirely conceived, hosted and managed in Quebec and a percentage of its revenue is paid directly to the artists.

Your contribution enables us to:

  • Maintain and update the digital collection;
  • Continue to acquire new relevant and engaged works;
  • Ensure that the works are available to the largest possible audiences.

On behalf of the team, THANK YOU!